CHONDROVEIL™ is a bioabsorbable non-woven textile fleece which consists of pure polyglycolic acid with a molecular weight of around 50’000. The non-woven 3D fiber structure serves for the entrapment of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and post-operatively, offers mechanical protection, supporting regeneration and healing processes to develop a cartilaginous repair tissue.

The non-woven structure provides high porosity to enhance cell adhesion, proliferation, and differentiation. It is crucial that the mesenchymal stem cells are maintained in that 3D and porous environment for supporting and facilitating their regenerative potential. In addition, the non-woven structure provides excellent matrix flexibility which easily adapts to irregular surfaces of an anatomic structure. The homogenous structure provides controlled absorption rates which go in parallel with the new cartilage formation. Approximately, after 7 days post-operatively, the matrix indicates a 50% loss in mechanical strength, and is mainly absorbed within few weeks.


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