Alpha Chondro Shield® - Absorbable Joint Implant

Alpha Chondro Shield®is an absorbable non-woven textile fleece which consists of pure polyglycolic acid with a molecular weight of around 50,000. The non-woven structure provides excellent matrix flexibility which easily adapts to irregular surfaces of an anatomic structure. The chemical formula of the polymer is (C2H2O2)n. The homogenous fiber structure provides controlled absorption rates which go in parallel with the new cartilage formation.It is mainly absorbed within few weeks after implantation with a 50% loss in mechanical strength after 7 days.

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Homogeneous PGA fiber structure

Swiss Biomed Ortho

ACS® Mechanichal strength as a function of time

The surgeon can cut the fleece to the required shape and size. It is mechanically resistant and can be fixed with pins, suture stitches or fibrin glue to the desired articular joint location.

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Contents and Packaging

Alpha Chondro Shield® is available in the following size:

Ref. No.               Size                               Sales Unit (SU)
671-ACS1 22 x 34 x 1.1 mm 1 SU (1 Pieces)

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