Follow-up Treatment of Patients after Microfracture with CHONDROVEIL
Week 1 (treatment with a CPM knee machine)

After day of operation, start continuous passive motion on the knee machineMobilization and partial loading with 15% of bodyweight (i.e. sole of the foot contact)Isometric tension exercises

Week 2-6 (physiotherapy)

Gradually increase the loading, specific strengthening exercises. Use crutches to take weight off the knee that has been operated on.Possible ergometric training at a gentle levelActive physiotherapy

From week 6 (maturation of the newly formed cartilage)

Gradually increase the weight bearing and muscular and coordination exercises up to full weight bearingGentle exertion (e.g. cycling, jogging) from 6 monthsMore strenuous activities (e.g. tennis, football) from 12 months because final maturation and hardening of the newly formed cartilage is only completed after 11 to 24 months.

Important: This postoperative care plan is by no means fixed and should be regarded simply as a recommendation. A detailed treatment plan is drawn up specifically for each patient.

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